• MSCC TV-SAT is a group of dynamically developing companies. The first – TV-SAT LTD – was founded in Kyiv, Ukraine, in 2004. In 2006 a partner company TV-SAT RU was launched in Moscow, Russia. TV-SAT is Ukraine’s leading independent specialist in providing satellite broadcasting, production facilities and satellite ground services. The company specializes in breaking news, sporting events, live entertainment and corporate conferencing. Our team of highly professional specialists has s big work experience in the field of satellite broadcasting and technical management of TV projects. We provide one-stop shop service. TV-SAT’s fine reputation has been established by a proven record of providing high quality and innovative solutions to leading Broadcasters, Media Organizations, Production Companies, Entertaining Organizations and Corporations. Our stations have registrations codes by following satellite operators: EUTELSAT, INTELSAT, SES-SIRIUS, HELLAS SAT. Today we are placing at your disposal the whole spectrum of SNG service in Belarus, Russia and Ukraine